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The Revolutionary Praxis of Internationalist Apoist Youth

Şehîd Elefterya Hambi

The will to take action is like a tingling sensation, an incredibly strong feeling that drives us to break free from passivity. A desire that won't be appeased until it is fulfilled.

The thirst for freedom is so unbearable that we cannot take a single minute of rest; otherwise, we will die of thirst.

Young people play a decisive role in every revolution. If we analyze any historical process of social progress, we can observe that they occur when the dynamics of rebellious and non-conformist youth align harmoniously with the experience of older generations in a given society, generating a change in mentality and new opportunities for societal progress.

Young people possess the greatest willpower. They yearn for freedom for themselves. Young people are curious, energetic, and spontaneous. The "rebellion against the family" stage during a young person's puberty, which is widely known and often misunderstood, is a crucial moment in the growth process of a young individual as they begin to gain autonomy and awareness of their own will. In many ways, it can be interpreted as a socially significant moment of uprising against oppression and control within the patriarchal nuclear family. Despite being a rebellion without a specific objective or concrete motive, it reflects the young person's realization that they have the capacity to choose what is given or something beyond it. Therefore, they internally recognize that the only thing separating them from their freedom are the circumstances they live in. The head of the family, who seeks to control his small kingdom like a king, is no longer accepted as an authority.

A common explanation of puberty is that it is primarily a process of hormonal change, a chemical and biological process that can be measured and studied in a laboratory. However, rebellion against parents cannot be reduced to a mere chemical process. It occurs within a specific socio-historical context where immense attacks and pressures are exerted on young people, especially if they are women.

If it were not so, we would not explain the existence of repressive methods aimed at guiding young people toward positions that benefit the Capitalist Modernity system and help its reproduction. One of these methods is the "expectations" imposed by institutional systems and mainstream culture. In this way, any young person who constructs their life plan according to the standards that guide them towards the myth of "professional success" and the "traditional family" will experience significant social pressure.

If we question and seek alternative paths, we are portrayed as immature and foolish.

Young people are forced to adapt to patriarchal norms through physical and psychological violence in families, schools, workplaces, and the military. Young men must be strong, they cannot show weakness or emotions (except anger). Young women must be compliant and subservient, not take on heavy tasks, and always submit to the expectations and desires of men. This creates enormous pressure.

The youth spirit defends itself against this pressure during puberty.

Rêber APO describes the reality of youth in Capitalist Modernity as follows:

"When youth takes its first step into society, it faces dangerous traps. On the one hand, it is shaped by the patriarchal society and influenced by the official ideology of the system, while on the other hand, it is dynamic and open to the new. It is completely inexperienced in what is happening around it and far from understanding what the old society has foreseen for it. It is completely bewildered by the seductive deceptions of capitalist society."

Rêber APO has provided us with a system for defending the youthful spirit. Youth takes on a leadership role in the revolution and charges forward with joy and passion. But how does youth achieve its goals? How do we understand "action" in Rêber APO's paradigm? Actions must always have a clear objective. An action without a clear objective cannot succeed. If we don't know why we are doing something and how to achieve our goals, how can we move forward?

As young people, we always need clear objectives. What do we want? How do we want to live? What are our dreams, our desires?

If we don't seek answers to these questions, our enemies have won over us. They want to leave us without dreams, without will. They want us to become like robots programmed to pursue a frivolous life based on overstimulation and the search for immediate gratification. As young people, we cannot accept the circumstances that have been handed to us. Therefore, we cannot afford the irresponsibility of having our actions solely focused on destruction. Of course, some things need to be destroyed for something new to be born. But the fundamental objective of our actions should always be the construction of new democratic structures.

The work of constructing an alternative social system is the body and soul of the Reber APO paradigm.

We want a better life, and that can only be achieved by creating the alternatives that can make that life possible. If we don't build anything and only focus on destruction or remain solely reactive, we may feel like we're in a continuous frantic movement, but we won't have the opportunity to put into practice a new mentality and a new way of life. If we don't change our approach to the struggle and freedom, we will progressively find ourselves in a world increasingly devastated by hegemonic wars and the advance of fascism, and the situation of our peoples and our planet will only worsen without us being able to do anything about it. Construction work is versatile and flexible. It refers to the establishment of structures such as councils, communes, cooperatives, or academies. But it can also be, for example, the creation of groups that reclaim and defend cultural traditions or organizing a local sports club. All of these are examples of building alternatives, and the process of creating them should be considered the most radical action. At this moment, the effectiveness of our actions is crucial. Our enemies are attacking with all their means, and the third world war is advancing towards an even more extreme phase. Therefore, the timing and location of our actions must be clear and appropriate to our objectives. Timing and location are crucial. If the timing and location are not suitable, no matter how well-planned the action is, it will not achieve its goal. An action that, for example, needs to attract a lot of attention will not achieve its objective if it is carried out in a forest, far from people. Or if we want to give a strong response to a specific event, but the action takes place 20 days later, the effect it produces will not be as effective. Another powerful means of our actions is boycott. All services and goods of the enemy and the fascist Turkish colonizers must be boycotted without exception. The only thing we demand from the colonialists is for them to disappear from Kurdistan. Nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, our actions should always be directed against colonialism as the main enemy. In this crucial moment, all young people must be aware of their responsibility.

If we don't respond to the enemy's attacks, if we don't organize ourselves and build the revolution with the strategy of revolutionary people's war everywhere, then who will?

Therefore, our actions must also give morale to the people. Society must be pleased with our actions. They must see that there are young people taking the initiative and doing everything possible to build a better life.

Our role is to infect the people with our spirit and carry out the revolution with great joy. If this role is not fulfilled, the action has not been successful.

Organization is one of the fundamental pillars of our actions. The organization of young people, especially young women, must be promoted in every action. Organization also means seeking revenge. Revenge for all our comrades who have fallen in the struggle for freedom. Revenge for all the atrocities and cruelties that the enemy has inflicted on our peoples. And revenge for the 5,000 years of patriarchy and women's slavery.

Organization also means fighting for the liberation of Leader APO. Through the creation of a strong organization, young people will be able to liberate Leader APO this year and lay the foundations for a democratic solution to the Third World War.

"Kurdistan is a colony and must be liberated" is the famous phrase of Leader APO with which this movement began and which is still relevant to all of us today. It must be a value reflected in each of our actions because the freedom of Kurdistan, the freedom of the Kurdish people, directly affects the freedom of all peoples.

The attack on natural society began in Kurdistan. With the construction of the first state, represented in the Ziggurat, life as humanity had lived for millions of years was attacked. All this happened in Kurdistan. If we search for something, we will find it where we lost it. Just as Vietnam represented great hope and a shining beacon that guided oppressed peoples to the people's war of liberation, Kurdistan represents in our time the greatest guarantee to approach a revolutionary process on a global scale. Because the Kurdistan revolution is not just a revolution of Kurds, nor is it only a revolution of the peoples of the Middle East. All revolutionary wills that support the autonomy and liberation of peoples contribute their strength and support to build a victory for the world's peoples in one of the hottest regions of the Third World War. It is a stab in the neck that the struggling peoples strike at the dying monster that is Capitalist Modernity. Building a victory for the Kurdistan revolution and continuing to expand its influence throughout the Middle East will guarantee halfway in the process of liberating our planet.

Therefore, the freedom of Kurdistan is essential for the freedom of the peoples of this world. Every young revolutionary, wherever they may be, must consider the freedom of Kurdistan as a necessity that also affects our own peoples.

If we organize, no one can stop us!

This is what the history of Apoist philosophy shows us. We will continue walking the path of freedom, overcoming all adversities, waving our flags of resistance, and thus, we will make this year a year of great victories for humanity!

We will free Leader APO in Kurdistan and then, village by village, every corner of the world!

Our enemies will tremble before the democratic power of the organized peoples led by the international Apoist youth!

So let us speak the language of democracy, let us organize in our own cities, and no matter what happens, let us resist and fight for a better life.

- Çekdar Catrillanca



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