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Lêgerîn is a world-wide media platform built by and for the internationalist revolutionary youth. Its ideological line is connected to the paradigm of Democratic Modernity, developed by Abdullah Öcalan from the ongoing revolution in Kurdistan. Democratic Modernity is a third way against neo-liberal capitalism and fascism. While some have claimed that we live in the end of history and revolution is no longer possible, we are determined to prove them wrong and we boldly proclaim:

History is not over… as long as the youth is fighting!


“How to live? What to do? Where to start?” According to Kurdish revolutionary thinker Abdullah Öcalan these are the three questions that those of us who aim to challenge the status-quo must ask ourselves. Because as long as we are not able to formulate and put into practice an alternative to the answers given by the capitalist system, based on the pursue of power and individualist satisfaction, we will never be able to overcome it.


For us the answer is rebuilding a society in which all the diverse groups that form it can live a free life, express themselves culturally and politically and be in control of their own initiative and will by basing themselves on the principles of an ecological relationship with the planet, the liberation of women and radical democracy organised from the bottom up.


This is not a vision for an utopian future society, but rather a way of living together that can and is being put into practice right now. As youth we are the ones most willing and capable of changing how we live and therefore can play a leading role in setting an example for the rest of society.


In this context, the Revolution in Kurdistan must be understood as the frontline of this process and as an opportunity for us to learn and organise ourselves during one of the most chaotic and critical periods of history.


At Lêgerîn, we believe our role is to be a loudspeaker for the struggling youth so that we can exchange and organise on an international level against the common threats we are facing.


Lêgerîn is built jointly with the participation of hundreds of people who share their knowledge, effort and resources and are part of one of our work areas, voluntarily or actively participate in the network for the production and distribution. Until now, Lêgerîn has been known as a magazine, but now, under this same identity, we are developing new projects and audiovisual media.



Without the effort and the communal organization of the work, Legerin could not exist. Especially for the phase of creating new projects in which we are as well as to make a more effective management of the magazine itself, we are currently looking for people who can carry out works of:

- Translation.

- Proofreading.

- Use of programs such as: Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. (For the

development of the magazine and different audiovisual materials).

- Management on social networks such as: Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook…

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can take part in the dissemination of the magazine's materials and in publicizing the ideological perspective of the paradigm of democratic modernity and the political program of democratic confederalism. To do this, you can organize with your surroundings to:

- Physically or digitally distribute the magazine.

- Generate reading and discussion groups.

- Organize seminars and face-to-face or online presentations in which for example a member of our editorial team can participate.

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