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Looking Forward

Dear comrades,

55 years have passed since the uprising of May '68, during which the global youth fought, organized, and felt united to protest against the imperialist offensive on the colonies of the world in process of liberation. It was also a sign of rebellion inside the revolutionary movements to which they belonged, dissatisfied with the bureaucratization of their structures and the lack of recognition of their opinions and will within them.

Once again, and now more than ever, we find ourselves in need of remembering this moment, as embracing its spirit will be necessary to confront the historical circumstances we currently face, which, despite being different, are also tremendously similar.

In the face of the total crisis that the Capitalist Modernity system is experiencing today, hegemonic states and large corporations compete with each other to secure a beneficial position in the new geopolitical order, which, far from clarifying itself by defining sides, is becoming increasingly complex and multipolar.

In this scenario, the illusions and false promises with which Capitalist Modernity tried to captivate us at some point are now fully exposed, distracting us from the true solutions to humanity's problems. In this way, gradually, green and sustainable capitalism; the effectiveness of human rights institutions; social democracy and Keynesianism; as well as the consumerist liberal culture and discourses of personal fulfillment, are losing their meaning in the critical eyes of the peoples of the world. This is the reason behind the popular uprisings that have been happening one after another across the planet in recent years. Whether it is in Myanmar, Bolivia, France, Colombia, or Chile, we find ourselves, once again, at the forefront, leading the popular anger in the destruction of the old model and the construction of an alternative that allows for a life of freedom and dignity.

Unfortunately, our efforts -that were lacking a clear reference on how would that alternative be built- were ridiculed by the co-optation of social uprisings under the wave of coalition-governments of "change", which promised new constitutions; promised to legislate with a feminist and ecological mindset; and to rolle back repressive measures imposed on us for defending life. Now in power, we can see how each and every one of these new governments wasted no time in aligning themselves with hegemonic states and serving their agendas, as well as their local bourgeoisies and transnational capital.

Regardless of the government in power, they are clear about their enemy: popular autonomies that sustainably defend and reproduce life.

Thus, assimilating or crushing us -especially to prevent us from uniting and building our own system- becomes a top priority for our enemies. They need the land to make it productive in their war for hegemony, and they need us to become workers and soldiers willing to die for their interests if ordered.

This process will be carried out, either by our acceptance or by their force. It may be disguised as a discourse of national economic development and growth, or it may involve paramilitarism, armed criminal groups, and drug trafficking.

Therefore, in this edition of the magazine, in the face of the urgent need for young people around the world to strategically, geographically, and historically connect, we invite you to remember our revolutionary legacy, so that we may have a clearer perspective on how to continue it.



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