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History is not over... as long as the youth is fighting! - New Lêgerîn Poster available now

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the turn of the century, a narrative was created that said that the time of big social changes and revolutions was over, that history had run its course and reached its final destination with the imposition of the liberal nation-state system and the free-market ideology to every part of the world under the stewardship of the USA and NATO. "History is over" they said and therefore all that was left was to chase a life of conformity and consumerism or die trying to attain one if there was no place for us within the mills of the capitalist machine.

And yet, history continued marching on.

From the Zapatista uprising, the Alter-globalization movement, the Rojava revolution, the Occuppy movement, the student protests in the 2010s, the global wave of uprisings in 2019-2020, the Jin, Jiyan, Azadî uprising in Iran and many other examples, today it has become obvious that history is continuing, that the hope and will to change the World is alive.

And in every instance, it is young people leading these struggles. It is young people refusing to accept the way of life that has been imposed on us, the daily indignities and compromises of a life lived for vapid distractions and meaningless instant pleasures. Just to keep us for looking around and seeing how our limited time on this world is being wasted, how the land, the sky and the sea is being poisoned and our societies and cultures are being empty out and robbed of their richness of ways and traditions.

But today, the youth is refusing to look away. We are preparing and organising ourselves, finding each other across the borders built to keep us apart and fighting for a life worth living. Because history is not over... as long as the youth is fighting!

To celebrate the resistance of the youth, from the 68 revolution until now, we have created this poster design, available in 4 different colours and 7 languages. You can print them yourself, distribute them and decorate the streets of your neighbourhood or village with the colours of the revolutionary spirit of the youth. The poster is available to download in the Materials section of the website or here:

History is not over Legerin Poster Spanish
Download RAR • 17.68MB

History is not over Legerin Poster Portuguese
Download RAR • 18.17MB

History is not over Legerin Poster French
Download RAR • 17.63MB

History is not over Legerin Poster Italia
Download RAR • 17.69MB

History is not over Legerin Poster German
Download RAR • 17.46MB

History is not over Legerin Poster Indonesian
Download RAR • 17.76MB

History is not over Legerin Poster English
Download RAR • 24.56MB



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