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Şehîd Lêgerîn


Sehid Namirin -
Martyrs are immortal!

Lêgerin in Kurdish  means "Search", in this sense Şehîd Lêgerîn (Alina) was a brave comrade who dedicated herself to seeking and fighting for the freedom of all peoples.


Coming from Argentina, she joined the Kurdish revolutionary movement in 2012 and was present in the free mountains of Kurdistan and in Rojava. With her revolutionary spirit, Şehîd Lêgerîn dedicated herself to the struggle for a free life, not only in Kurdistan, but also in Latin America and the rest of the world. It is an example to be followed by all those who suffer under the yoke of modern colonialism and the oppressions of the capitalist system throughout Latin America and who really want to participate in a revolutionary struggle.


Şehîd Lêgerîn will be forever remembered by the comrades who had the pleasure of meeting her and fighting together, as well as the fact that they will follow the path started by her. Her memory and his revolutionary spirit will be present in our magazine and his fight will be made eternal by all of us who look for inspiration in her example and will continue fighting for a free world.

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