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Lêgerîn No. 11

Apoism and World Youth Confederalism

What is our true identity as young people?

How and why is it necessary to organize ourselves?

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Lêgerîn No. 13

Forging the unity of the youth around the world

We will be the ones to write the continuation of history


Lêgerîn No. 9

defense of identity

A call to our historical memory; to resistance against neo-colonial expansion; to the liberation of our minds and our hearts.


Lêgerîn No. 7


Reflections and analysis so as not to lose hope and strength in times of generalized war.


Lêgerîn No. 5

Liberation of Kurdistan and the world.

Analysis to carry out the world democratic revolution and the responsibility to jointly build the victory of the revolution of all Kurdistan

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Lêgerîn No. 3

Revolutionary People's War

Social revolution and people's war today, in history and in all latitudes of our planet.


Lêgerîn No. 1

ideological introduction

Initiation texts for people who want to understand the Paradigm of Democratic Modernity

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Lêgerîn No. 12

Towards a new internationalism

All together towards a new internationalism!

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Lêgerîn No. 10

War and crisis of Capitalism

How to understand the historical moment in which we find ourselves and what should be the role of the oppressed peoples in the


Lêgerîn No. 8

Special edition

Liberalism and special warfare


Lêgerîn No. 6

Life prospects and struggle

How to continue the revolutionary struggle? To do? Where to start?


Lêgerîn No. 4

Release of Rêber APO

How to understand the importance that Rebertî has within the struggle for Democratic Modernity. The implementation in Rojava.


Lêgerîn No. 2

woman and revolution

Reflections on the anti-patriarchal line and for the liberation of women within the social revolution. History, theory and practice.

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