Lêgerîn 01 -  ENG

Meaning of Lêgerîn


- Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava;

- Internationalist perspective for the 21st Century;

- Interview with Riza Altun, co-founder of the party and member of the KCK;


- My path as a young internationalist until i joined the revolutionary struggle;

- Criticism and self-criticism within the Kurdish revolutionary movement;

- The anti-colonial resistance and the importance of the party paradigm;

- The voice of Şehids.


- Democratic Modernity: The Age of the Women's Revolution;

- Mika Etchebéhère argentine revolutionary in the Spanish Civil War


- The life of Sakine Cansiz;

- Frantz Fanon, anticolonial internationalist;



Difusión de la ideología en la que se basa la revolución de Rojava, en las ideas de Rêber Apo, el Confederalismo Democrático.

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