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Lêgerîn N°13 is now available in Indonesian!

The Lêgerîn Magazine is a project that aims to reach the revolutionary youth of all around the world, to allow us to connect and develop a common understanding and identity while expressing the diversity of our origins and struggles. For this reason, every time Lêgerîn reaches a new territory or is translated to a new language, we can feel the walls that divide us across nation-state borders shaking and crumbling. It is with this in mind that we are very happy to announce that the number 13 of the Lêgerîn Magazine has been translated to Indonesian and is available to download right now.

We want to thank the friends from ABC+ Kontrol Pekerja for the translation of the texts.

You can download the magazine here or in the Materials section of the website.

Legerin 13 IND READ
Download PDF • 93.10MB



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